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Located in the Itagüí municipality, in the Pilsen sector, the Plaza Arrayanes Shopping Center is a modern mixed commerce and housing project, being the first of its kind in the municipality. This large area includes a built area of 33,184 m2 for commerce and a GLA of 15,457 m2 with 172 commercial premises with areas of 40.15 m2 available for sale and lease, it has four levels of commerce, ample spaces and parking lots, which makes it an excellent meeting point.
Smartfit Gym, Olímpica supermarket, EPS Cobersalud - SURA, Royal Films, Smart Academia, Dollarcity, Banco Davivienda, Banco de Bogotá,
entertainment and food courts. It is its anchors and semi-anchors that generate organic traffic to the Shopping Center.


Due to its privileged location in an industrial, commercial and housing sector, Plaza Arrayanes has a potential market of more than 450,000 inhabitants including La Estrella, San Antonio de Prado, Ditaires and Itagüí, in turn the sector is constantly growing in inhabitants since more than 21,000 homes are projected within a radius of less than 2 km.​

Important data:
- Less than 3 km around Plaza Arrayanes has a potential market of 12,000 people who work in companies in the sector: Bavaria
– United Factories - Auteco – among others.
- Easy access to public transportation, 25 bus routes pass through Plaza Arrayanes
- It has two pedestrian and vehicular entrances on Calle 36 and Carrera 50.

Contact phone: 3215229136


  •  Public Toilets

  •  Covered

  •  Visitors

  •  24 Hours

  •  Substation

  •  Elevator

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